Accessibility Checklists

Use the checklist below as a starting point to review your website’s accessibility. ADA compliance is based on how well your existing digital experiences meet established accessibility guidelines and serve all users, including people with Visual, Hearing, Motor, Cognitive, and Speech impairments.

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Is your website compliant with ADA, WCAG? To find out, answer the questions below, which are based on our Best Practices for ADA Compliance:

  • Have you performed an accessibility audit of your website?
  • Have you hired users with disabilities to test your websites or applications?
  • How easily can you read content and access functionality within your website or app through a screen reader?
  • Have you remediated all compliance issues identified in your digital accessibility audit?

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Are you leveraging web accessibility to improve your SEO?
Discover new opportunities for search optimization, based on our Best Practices for Accessibility & SEO:

  • Do all of your images contain proper alt text that fully describes the image?
  • Does the alt text describing your images align with your keyword strategy?
  • Are there too many keywords stuffed into alt text for your images?
  • Does your alt text identify any destination or URL linked to your image?

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Are your websites and mobile apps designed for accessibility?
Answer the questions below, based on our Best Practices for Accessible Design.

  • Do you have any text embedded within graphics or images (i.e. text is not selectable or searchable)?
  • Does your text have enough color contrast for users with low-vision?
  • Do any of your pages or designs rely on color alone to relay information to users?
  • When you tab through your page navigation, does the order make sense?

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Is your code structure built to serve users with disabilities?
Answer the questions below, based on our Best Practices for Accessible Development:

  • Can a user access all functionality within your site or app using the tab key?
  • Do all form fields on each page or screen have accurate, descriptive labels?
  • Is there alt text for any CSS images that are not purely decorative?
  • Is there any dynamic content within pages? Does it have ARIA landmarks or skip-to-main links to help users navigate through it?
  • Are page elements adequately highlighted when you tab through them?

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