Coding for Web Accessibility

At the code level, our web developers enable any user to access, navigate, and interact with your website content. We create a more inclusive and holistic digital experience for all users by optimizing your code structure and content formatting strategy.

About Accessible Web Development

Developing An Accessible Website Should Not Be Cost Prohibitive

Does it take extra work to make a website accessible for everyone? Yes, but not as much as you might think.

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Accessible Development Checklist

Here are a few examples of what we check when auditing your code structure. You can also view the full Web Accessibility Checklist and more helpful tips in our Best Practices for Accessible Development.

  • Can a user navigate and access all functionality within your page or app using the tab button?
  • Is there any dynamic content within pages? Does it have ARIA landmarks or skip-to-main links to help users navigate through it?
  • Do all of your form fields have appropriate, descriptive labels?
  • Is there alt text for any images that are not purely decorative?
  • Are page elements adequately highlighted when you tab through them?

Frequently Asked Questions

Accessible Development FAQs

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Your web developers or digital agency must re-examine your website’s code and make the necessary updates to achieve compatibility and optimize for assistive technology.

ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) landmarks are link attributes embedded in your code that allow screen reader users to more easily navigate different kinds of content on your web page.


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Web Accessibility Services

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DBS audits include quantitative analysis, combined with a qualitative review, to determine your compliance with digital accessibility regulations.

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Once any accessibility issues with your web or app content have been identified, our experts can guide your team through the necessary fixes.

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We partner with clients to identify strategies that align your digital accessibility compliance goals with your organization’s business goals.

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Why Partner With DBS?

  • We're accessibilty experts with 20 years of experience.
  • We’re disability-owned. Accessibility is at our core.
  • We use testers with physical and cognitive disabilities to evaluate our work.
  • Our extensive manual audits work in conjunction with automated tools. Nothing gets missed.
  • Our Development and Technical SEO experts will boost your traditional and voice search performance.

About Web Accessibility


Achieving accessibility at the code level.

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Accessible designs accommodate all users.

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& The Law

What to know about ADA compliance for websites.

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Being accessible means better search rankings.

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Want to see how your code measures up to our Web Accessibility standards?

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