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In the digital world, complex designs work against users with disabilities, who often rely on assistive technologies to interpret and navigate your digital content. This also alienates a sizable customer base with massive buying power.

That’s why we build digital experiences with one ultimate goal in mind: Simplicity.

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Accessible Web Design

ADA Compliance Starts with Accessible Design

Accessible design extends and improves the user experience (UX) of any website or mobile app, but it’s also key to avoiding lawsuits for noncompliance with ADA.

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Accessible Design Checklist

See below for examples of what we check when reviewing digital designs for accessibility. You can also view our full Digital Accessibility Checklist and more helpful tips in our Best Practices for Accessible Design.

  • Do you have any text within graphics or images that is embedded (i.e. not selectable or searchable)?
  • Does your text have enough color contrast for users with low-vision?
  • Do any of your pages or designs rely on color alone to relay information to users?
  • When you tab through your page navigation, does the order make sense?

Curious whether your web designs meet today’s Web Accessibility standards?

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Accessible Design FAQs

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Absolutely not. An accessible design will make your website look cleaner, which makes it easier for everybody to navigate, especially people with disabilities.

Not by itself. It is one part of accessibility. Often coding development adds additional functionality to design features.

The contrast between colors or backgrounds is more important than which colors your design uses. Also, color alone should not be used to convey information. Avoid flashing elements with saturated reds.

Accessible design goes beyond helping people who are blind and visually impaired. For example, image carousels should include user controls so they don’t impact concentration for users with cognitive or neurological impairments. Maintaining a logical hierarchy of headline sizes down the page also supports users with cognitive impairments.

Yes. Accessible design involves more than simply considering the visual elements of your website. Designers consider the functional needs of users with a range of disabilities, then implement methods and digital tools that work to meet those needs.

Universal Design involves creating products or environments that are usable for everyone to the greatest level possible without a layer of adaptation.

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Web Accessibility Services

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DBS audits include quantitative analysis, combined with a qualitative review, to determine your compliance with digital accessibility regulations.

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Once any accessibility issues with your web or app content have been identified, our experts can guide your team through the necessary fixes.

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We partner with clients to identify strategies that align your digital accessibility compliance goals with your organization’s business goals.

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