Magento eCommerce Logo

Magento is a powerful Open Source eCommerce platform. It is an invaluable tool for any online shopping experience for customers and online merchants alike. Providing great flexibility, scalability, and stability, it possesses everything your website must have in order to stay competitive in today’s digital shopping market. Regardless if your business supplies logistics for other businesses or sells finished goods directly to the customers, Magento is a robust, enterprise-grade solution that provides the high performance functionality needed for your online store, and future sales growth. Magento is the most feature-rich eCommerce solution available today — bar none!


Magento eCommerce has an administration panel that will allow authorized users to easily manage product catalogs, customers, invoices, shipments, orders, generate reports, and even edit their site’s content through a friendly user-interface. Anyone should be able to pick this up and quickly create shopping cart and shipping price rules to adjust the grand total of a customer’s shopping cart based on a plethora of variables.

You can even establish multiple online stores in multiple languages from just one Magento installation, and manage them all from a single administration panel.

Backend Development

Web developers are pleased that Magento was built with them in mind, as it allows for the means of creating additional modules or overwriting pre-existing ones. The magento ecommerce experts here at DBS>Interactive take full advantage of Magento’s architecture by being able to provide your site with the fully customized shopping cart functionality that is tailor fitted for your site.

Frontend Development

With the use of Magento’s theming engine, we can create a custom look with your brand for your online store. Our web designers and developers can create a full list of original templates and user experiences to help your site establish a unique look so it can stand out from among the pack.