Why Louisville Is Awesome!

Why Louisville Is Awesome is a microsite containing a series of infographics created by DBS>Interactive to highlight both the well known and lesser known facts that make Louisville the hidden gem of the South.


DBS’s founder and CEO Cyndi Masters loves everything about Louisville, especially its vibrant food scene and her Lady Cardinals basketball team. Cyndi will share her love of Louisville with anyone she meets, and this love bore the idea of highlighting the city and everything it has to offer  using infographics.  So, we followed Cyndi’s lead and created infographics to shout from the digital rooftops the awesomeness that is Louisville!

Why Louisville is Awesome


In January 2012, DBS launched the original Why Louisville infographic. The first Why Louisville infographic was created using scrolling animations. It highlights some of the lesser known facts on Louisville such as its standing as the disco ball capital of the world and more well known items like its place in sports history as the home to both The Derby and Muhammad Ali.

Why Louisville Is Still Awesome, the follow up to the original infographic was launched in September of 2013. Why Louisville Is Still Awesome was created responsively in a flat design approach using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. For this infographic DBS crowd-sourced what should be featured from people here in the community and features a form where users can send suggestions for our future updates in the series.


Since the launch of the original Why Louisville Infographic in the January of 2012, it has been viewed by more than 3,000 and shared via social media more than 200. As for the sequel, since September of last year it has already been viewed more than 1,500 times and shared on social media. DBS>Interactive is excited to showcase our industry leading practices and innovative approaches to design and content marketing while continuing to bring more exposure to our great city in the very near future!


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