Warehouse Safety

The Warehouse Safety Infographic, is a static infographic that provides information on ways to prevent warehouse incidents while also providing current statistics on the causes and cost of such incidents in US warehouses.


Storage Solutions came to DBS in 2009 desiring a partnership with an online marketing company that could give them a competitive advantage by increasing page rankings nationally for top keywords in an extremely competitive market.  As part of that continued partnership we designed the Warehouse Safety Infographic in 2012 to assist the overall goals of the marketing strategy



In early 2012, DBS created the Warehouse Safety Infographic to easily highlight the dangers that exist in the modern warehouse and how they can be prevented. The Warehouse Safety Infographic was designed with Illustrator using elements and a color palate that represents the Storage Solutions brand while delivering the information in a clean and modern approach.


DBS>Interactive has helped Storage Solutions become the leading provider of storage in the country with content like the Warehouse Safety Infographic  working holistically to support the overall goals of the marketing strategy. Since the launch of the infographic in early 2012, Warehouse Safety has had more than 2,500 pageviews and has assisted the overall marketing strategy’s goal of increasing keyword performance and building authority through links.


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