University of Louisville Physicians

UofL Physicians is the largest, multi-specialty physician practice in Louisville with more than 78 sub specialties, 1,200 dedicated staff professionals and more than 600 primary care and specialty physicians.


After successfully completing the development of the UofL Physicians intranet, UofL Physicians turned to DBS once again to revamp their consumer website. The goal of the redesign was to make the website more interactive, more attractive, and better suited to perform well in the search engines.

UofL Physicians


  • Custom Database
    A variety of custom database features were implemented to automate processes, simplify management and integrate with the CMS.
  • Custom Site Search
    Custom search parameters offer visitors the opportunity to search for physicians, practices and articles based on flagged keywords.
  • Extensive Drupal Customization
    Drupal, an open-source content management system, was extensively modified to aid UofL Physician’s staff in the management of the website.
  • Health Library Integration
    A third-party resource library was integrated into the website to offer consumers access to thousands of health articles.


Prior to partnering with DBS, UofL Physicians web presence was split between two websites:, a consumer website, and, a physician referral tool. Neither was particularly helpful, with complicated, proprietary content management systems and dated styling. In what was the equivalent of open-heart surgery, we overhauled the infrastructure of the website, designing custom features and integrating the front end of the website with a custom CMS. In addition, the website received a significant face lift with the hopes of restoring to a more youthful appearance.


The UofL Physicians’ website was launched at the end of 2012 to great acclaim. The custom features of the website offer visitors a much more interactive experience than what was previously possible and the health library positions UofL Physicians as an invaluable health resource to the Greater Louisville area.

With search engine optimization being one of the primary reasons we were chosen as their partner, DBS continues to work with UofL Physicians on an ongoing basis to further optimize their website. We look forward to the day that we can observe the impact of our SEO efforts.


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