Storing the Goods is a one-page website that is designed to provide industry best practices in warehouse design to the user in an innovative and easy to use experience. It utilizes the most recent web technologies to illustrate some of the ways Storage Solutions can help warehouses increase their productivity.


DBS has partnered with Storage Solutions since 2009 and as part of our continued marketing strategy we developed in order to increase brand recognition and drive referrals to our partner’s site.



In July of 2013, DBS launched the one-page site on warehouse productivity best practices. was designed using HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery allowing the user to scroll or click through a geometrically inspired journey through warehouse design.  The one-page site also featured the ability to quickly access the information displayed on the site via a bulleted list.


Since the launch of the in the second half of 2013, it has been viewed by more than 2,700 visitors over 3,000 times and linked to more than 200. DBS>Interactive is excited to showcase our industry-leading design practices and innovative approaches to content strategy like as we continue to partner with Storage Solutions as they become the leading provider of storage in the country.


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