Storage Solutions Mobile

Storage Solutions is one of the nation’s leading providers of industrial storage and material handling equipment, offering a complete spectrum of services ranging from the sale of new and used equipment, warehouse design, and professional installation.


With a partnership that dates back to 2008, DBS has had the pleasure of developing a variety of online solutions for Storage Solutions. As an online marketing client, a recent analysis of the behavior on Storage Solutions primary website led to the discovery that mobile visitors were increasing year-over-year and that they were interacting with the site differently than desktop visitors. Realizing the opportunity to improve user experience, DBS set out to create a mobile version of the website that particularly addressed the needs of a mobile visitor.


  • Custom Mobile Theme
    A simplified navigation, design, and information architecture ensured that mobile and tablet visitors could quickly and efficiently find the information they were looking for.
  • Employee Phone Directory
    With push-to-call functionality embedded, an employee phone directory acts as a handy mobile rolodex for all Storage Solutions employees.
  • Off-Line Storage
    Using the new capabilities that HTML5 offers, the mobile site caches all content locally. This allows users to access key content of the site such as the phone directory, regardless of their Internet connection.


The key to a successful mobile website is to take user behavior into consideration when planning how the site should function. Studying the analytics data of actual mobile traffic prior to developing the mobile site showed that people viewing the site on a smartphone typically viewed 3 primary sections of content: Storage Solutions employees page, Storage Solutions locations page, and the About page. The Ecommerce elements of the website were largely ignored by mobile viewers. That being the case, DBS chose to eliminate all unnecessary content from the mobile site and implemented a custom mobile theme based on Jquery mobile.

130.86% increase of unique visitors
22.73% increase of avg. time on site


With mobile and tablet usage increasing in the United States at a significant rate each year, the importance of a properly strategized mobile site cannot be overstated. This fact is realized when studying the traffic of Storage Solutions site over the course of 2012 to 2013. Page views from mobile traffic increased by 20.56% and page views from tablets increased by 144.94%.

The result of the mobile website is a much more streamlined user experience for mobile and tablet visitors. Visitors are able to access the information they are seeking more quickly, which ultimately leads to a more enjoyable user experience.

Stats: Unique Visitors up 130.86% in 2013 over 2012, pageviews from Tablet Traffic up 144.94% in 2013 over 2012, and an Average Visit of 1:17 which is an increase of 22.73% from 2012.


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