SEMP or the Student Engagement Monitoring Program is a web and mobile application that allows educational professionals to perform real time monitoring of student’s engagement or inattention status during classroom instruction.


Local education professionals came to DBS desiring a web and mobile based application that would help them to easily document student engagement and inattention status during classroom instruction. These education professionals also wanted an application that would store data on multiple students in a serial order and then generate a downloadable report that would help them analyze the observations to better support increased engagement among their students.


DBS>Interactive designed a web application that runs within a web browser as well as an accompanying iPhone and Android applications that would allow educational professionals to use the app while directly engaging their students. The team at DBS also designed a reporting feature so that a serial report would be generated in HTML format allowing for the report to be pasted or imported into a word processor and modified “as is” before sharing it via Google Docs or exporting into multiples formats including PDF.


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