Kentucky Rescue and Restore

Kentucky Rescue and Restore is a non-profit organization whose mission is to raise awareness and increase education about human trafficking in the state of Kentucky.


After drug dealing, human trafficking ties with the illegal arms industry as the second largest criminal industry in the world today. Since its inception in February 2008, KY Rescue and Restore (R&R) has worked every day to battle the horrific effects of human trafficking. However, without a substantial web presence, R&R lacked a central location to direct trafficking victims on how to receive help. DBS was selected as a strategic partner and was charged with designing a thought-provoking, cutting edge website that would act as a central portal for human trafficking information and resources.


  • Progressive Web Design
    This website features a multitude of CSS3 design features that were progressive at the time of its launch including text shadows and CSS columns.


Reconstructive Web Design

At the core of R&R’s mission is to raise awareness about human trafficking, but to do so, people need to be emotionally involved. We chose to design the website using gritty and emotive imagery, which would supplement the high-contrast design and ensure an unforgettable and eye-opening user experience. The KY Rescue and Restore projected presented us with the challenge to give back to the community, and gave our design team the opportunity to showcase their ability to innovate using CSS3.


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