Got You In

Got You In is a website and separate mobile applications available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. Got You In provides appointment scheduling to barbershops and independent barbers throughout the United States.

This project is no longer hosted or maintained by DBS>Interactive.


Got You In was seeking to provide a solution for barbers and their customers a platform that would allow them to schedule and manage hair appointments in real time from anywhere. Got You In was in dire need of a website and separate mobile application for iOS and Android users that would create excitement among the community about the app while also offering them a scheduling solution most barbershops and independent barbers could not typically afford on their own. As the premier digital agency in Louisville, DBS>Interactive (DBS) was commissioned by Got You In to create a website and two mobile applications, iOS and Android versions, that would allow users the ability to schedule appointments with independent barbers and barbershops, while also allowing barbers to manage and set their availability along with their service offerings.


  • Responsive Web Design
    The website was built upon an open-source framework and designed using HTML5 and JavaScript. When viewed in a tablet or smartphone, the website defaults to a responsive design allowing users to access all the features they would from the mobile Application.
  • Mobile Applications
    iOS and Android applications developed on an open-source framework allowing users to search for either barbers, or shops based upon inputs such as Name, ID, and Zip Code to schedule appointments. The applications also allow barbers and shops to custom configure their profiles to detail address information, services provided, and hours of operation.
  • Social Media Integration
    Social media integration allows the barbers and shops to integrate their social media accounts with the applications to increase engagement opportunities with their prospective clients.


DBS began the development process by discussing the essential functionality of the application with the founder of Got You In.  Mock-ups of each application page were presented to Got You In with the instruction that the DBS programming team build the entire mobile app with all relevant functionality using an open source framework.  DBS opted to design the site and apps utilizing a combination of an open-source framework, HTML5 and JavaScript which would allow for a seamless integration of the various interactive elements needed to meet the desired goals of the Got You In team.

+3400 registered users
+450 registered barbers


The release of the Got You In App in early 2013 was very well received among the communities of independent barbers and barbershops across the United States. To this date the Got You In apps have registered over 3400 users which more than 2500 are customers. Got You In has in less than a year of being available has also registered over 300 barbershops with more than 450 barbers, in addition the app has also attracted 375 independent barbers to register with the service.


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