Evergreen Rehabilitation


Evergreen Rehab needed a site to serve as a recruiting tool to increase job visibility and attract qualified applicants. They wanted an online presence to help market their services and expertise to potential facilities and long-term care center administrators looking for a contract therapy provider.


  • Drupal Content Management System
    Drupal, an open-source CMS was customized to allow Evergreen Rehab staff to easily edit content on their website.
  • Therapist Job Board
    Therapists and therapist assistants can filter jobs by state and other criteria using an intuitive job board.
  • Online Marketing Campaign
    We used infographics and an extensive linkbuilding campaign to grow traffic to Evergreen’s job board.


Clean and Logical

The site features a clean, logical navigation and beautiful typography to create a pleasant user experience. When it came down to marketing the website, we chose to write, design, and promote an infographic called “Physical Activity and Older Americans,” which helped gain awareness and links for their marketing campaign across a wide variety of websites.
We also implemented an extensive linkbuilding campaign to target links and increase traffic to their jobs pages. The infographic we created was interesting for physical therapy, occupational therapy, sites about aging and exercise related sites and blogs, and was ultimately successful at increasing traffic from their website.


In the first two months of Evergreen’s online marketing campaign, a lead for a new facility was generated and acquired, expanding their services to a new state. This exceeded Evergreen Rehab’s goal of using the website as a recruiting tool, and helped them expand and gain new business.

Job applications increased greatly, and the careers pages are the most viewed on the site. In the first 6 months of Evergreen’s marketing campaign, traffic from search engines increased by 20% and job applications increased by nearly 300%.

The site’s design has proven conducive to driving traffic to the most important pages. The top pages on the website are the careers pages, locations and services, which I exactly where they wanted to target their web traffic.


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