Case Study Mighty Small Homes

Launching a Might Strong Brand to Conquer the Small Home Scene

As a pioneer of the small and tiny home industry, we capitalized on the opportunity to take the new Mighty Small Homes business from concept to dominating the space.

  • Lead Generation
  • Integrated Marketing
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • PPC
  • Branding

Results Snapshot

  • From the beginning, the brand produces 200+ leaders per month from organic and PPC campaigns.
  • 72% yearly growth in PPC leads generated, without any increase in ad budget
  • Top 3 organic Google result for 30 targeted keywords
  • Continuous 90% Y-o-Y growth in organic traffic

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Mighty small homes home page

The Challenge

Create an exciting brand with high-quality products from the ground up with powerful messaging and limited budget. Generate buzz and drive prospective customers to a website featuring only models of homes. Convert believers in the small-home lifestyle into leads and sales.

Contemporary kit render
Carriage house kit render
Tiny home kit render
Contemporary kit render
Carriage house kit render
Tiny home kit render

The Strategy

We identified opportunities to launch a brand that would overtake competitors in the small home market. This centered on a website as the digital foundation – optimized for performance, voice search, and organic search. A complementary integrated marketing plan established brand awareness that attracted prospects to the website.

Find the Opportunities – It was critical we get to know the audience and our competitors just as well as our client knew their product.

Captivate visitors with Design – Prospects craved a certain lifestyle. The website had to reflect the appeal of their big dreams for small homes “at hello”—and to do it fast, on any device.

Dominate Search – To seize ideal search positioning and visibility, SEO had to go beyond keyword strategy and content. Code-level site optimizations were essential.

Minimize Lead Gen Costs – Just throwing money at PPC campaigns was not an option. Our ad budget needed to spend wisely and get more qualified leads at a minimum cost.

Hit Every Touchpoint – To engage prospects at pivotal moments, we needed a robust search, social, and email strategy that worked in harmony with the website.

Don’t Just Tell—Show –Build realistic 3D models that inspire prospects at launch, then gradually add featured new builds to inspire, nurture excitement, and create a sense of community.

Contemporary kit
Carriage house kit
Tiny home kit
Beautiful product renders that let the clients picture the house of their dreams
Contemporary kit
Carriage house kit
Tiny home kit

The Solution

Might Small Homes burst onto the scene firing on all digital cylinders. Anchored by a visually-stunning, lightning-fast website designed to engage and convert visitors on any device, we executed a multichannel growth strategy that took the market by storm.

Earned Media – We used public relations and link building to product inbound leads from prominent websites like Moneywise and MSN, as well as a feature on Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters.

Social – We executed a robust paid and organic social strategy to grow awareness and engagement through highly-shared posts that generated excitement, interest, and quality leads.

Expert Content – We published “how-to” guides with step-by-step instructions that established the brand’s industry expertise and helped potential customers feel at-ease with building home kits on their own.

Lifestyle Content – We created informative articles that helped readers to see themselves in the Mighty Small Homes lifestyle while incorporating advice in a friendly, supportive tone.

Email – Consistently engaging email content that keeps the brand top of mind and encourages passive prospects to revisit the site and convert into new leads.

Images and Video – We used curated photos and rich videos to help users see themselves enjoying the product, and also to educate them on the building process.

PPC – Maximize ROI of our paid search budget by outperforming competitor ads and funneling high-quality traffic to dedicated landing pages.

SEO – We combined technical SEO with on-page content optimization to rapidly increase growth of high-quality organic traffic.

Voice Search – We optimized site content matching natural language patters, FAQs, and technical SEO to improve findability through Voice Search & Featured Snippets.


The Website

Reaching consumers as a new brand in the growing small-home market required a website to reach the new breed of consumers – online shoppers. We created an enhanced Progress Web App that appeared prominently on Google search results and delivered an exceptional user experience far superior to competitors.

Mighty small homes home page

PWA – To keep visitors engaged and generate more leads, we made the website a Progressive Web App, with page load speeds and smooth interactions that exceed industry standards and Google’s best practices for search.

3D Renderings – The product had to be the star of the website—but it didn’t exist yet. So we created colorful model renderings that helped prospects envision themselves in the Mighty Small Home of their dreams.

ADA Compliance – The whole site is accessible, meeting strict international guidelines of WCAF 2.1 AA. Create the site with accessibility in mind allowed us to craft a beautiful experience for everyone.

Custom Builder Tool – We created a unique tool for customers to build the small house kit of their dreams with options and upgrades that generates an estimate and submits it through a CRM-integrated form.

Headless CMS – We built the site on a decoupled content management system. This allowed us to optimize for speed and security while still giving the client control of their content.

Voice Search/Technical SEO – Code-level optimizations not only enhanced site speed, but also helped our pages win Featured Snippets and Voice Search results.


Integrated Marketing


We knew continued growth depended heavily on the website ranking on the first page of organic search results to generate quality click-through traffic that was more likely to turn into qualified sales leads.


  • 83 targeted keywords in the top 10 organic Google results
  • 30 keywords in the top 3 search position
  • 60% of leads generated organically
  • Continuous 90% Y-o-Y growth in organic traffic

Paid Search (PPC)

We needed paid search campaigns to support our efforts at building organic search equity from scratch. Most importantly, we needed our ad budget to consistently generate leads at a low cost per acquisition.


  • $0.15 CPC (industry average: $0.65)
  • 4.18% CTR (industry average: 0.9%)
  • $15 Avg Cost for qualified PPC leads (industry average: $58)
  • 72% yearly growth in PPC leads, without increasing ad budget

Social Media

Frequently appearing social media posts used story-telling images and messaging that supported the value proposition consistent with trade advertising and public relations.

Our social strategy focused on several key components:
  • Identify audience segments that campaigns could target with precision.
  • Use platform targeting capabilities to effectively serve content based on geography, related interests, or valuable connections.
  • Engaging posts that matched the brand’s friendly and knowledgeable voice.
  • Featuring customer projects that inspire followers and promote the high-quality of the product.
  • Lifestyle imagery and designs that matched audience psychgraphics.
Mighty small homes social media post
Mighty small homes social media post
Mighty small homes social media post
Mighty small homes social media post

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