Heaven Hill Bourbon Heritage Center

Not only is the Bourbon Heritage Center award winning, so is its website!


Bourbon Heritage Center’s website was awarded a Silver ADDY Award at the 2011 Louie Awards.

The Bourbon Heritage Center site features a section that informs visitors of the rich history of Bourbon in Kentucky, and an extensive timeline with profiles of key players who helped Bourbon become what it is today. The site’s design reflects the overall feel of visiting the center and the distillery.

Tickets for tours are available for purchase on the website, and sales have increased greatly as a result of the website redesign. Two different versions of the site were split tested to determine design effectiveness at achieving the goal of increasing ticket sales.


  • Online Tour Scheduling
    If online forms were like bourbon, the tour scheduling form would be the equivalent of a small batch bourbon. Administrative features give Heaven Hill Employees the ability to manage tour vacancies on an ongoing basis.
  • A/B Split Testing
    Separate homepage designs were tested to see which would yield the greatest number of tour sales. After a 2 month experiment, the homepage with the greatest conversion rate was selected to be the primary design.


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